CWU awarded contract

CWU was awarded the contract to provide Mass Casualty training support to the Washington State National Guard in support of their recent CERFP Exercise Evaluation in Spokane, Washington. The exercise was very successful and the Washington State Army National Guard received a “Trained” in every task.

The Contracting Officer’s Representative and Senior CERFP AGR stated “We were very happy with the support that we received from CWU. The first two days of the contract, we were working out the bugs of our exercise. By the third and final day, we were moving with a purpose. CWU was only contracted to provide 120 presentations, but they gave us an astounding 215! We were very pleased with the support as it allowed the Washington State CERFP to not only complete its EXEVAL, but is the only one in the last four CERFP’s that received an EXEVAL to receive “Trained” on every task! I firmly believe that CWU’s incredible support were a big reason that we were able to achieve such a lofty goal. I would definitely recommend CWU to all of the CERFP’s in the nation as an outstanding provider of role player support”.